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About Devan Zimmerman 
Writer of The Witch's Quill

Devan Zimmerman Witch's Quill Main.jpg

Devan Zimmerman is first and foremost, a student of life. Inquisitive and curious, she has always had a thirst for knowledge. Whether fact or fiction, Devan found she was able to consume an absorbent amount of content through the written word. Her Life’s Library (so aptly named, courtesy of John Green's Alaska Young) contains nearly 600 publications of various genres, included but not limited to: fantasy, science fiction, thriller, true crime, history, geography, young adult, spirituality, and more. 


It should come as no surprise that Devan’s love of reading led to her passion for writing. Inspired by what she learned in nonfiction books, and the worlds she escaped to in the fictional, she began to record her thoughts and ideas, freely able to express her creativity with pen and paper.


Writing for Devan Zimmerman is not so much a passion as a calling. In 2006, she submitted a story to the Patriots Pen, a national writing competition. While she only placed in the top 50 on the national level, she received 1st place in the district, county, and state placements. What had previously been a personal hobby, Devan quickly realized how ingrained the craft was sure to become in her life. In just a few short years, she would enroll at a university to pursue her bachelor’s degree in English. 


Forever in the pursuit of knowledge and honing her craft, Devan discovered another passion along the way. A first-generation college student, the world she was born into was just as vast as the characters and worlds she dreamed up. Recognizing the need to expand her horizons in the physical, she began traveling.


Exploring the globe, and learning about the earth and its inhabitants, Devan Zimmerman was gifted with a newfound perspective she could never have dreamed possible, creative or not. Despite the perceived differences in society among humans as a species and that of other species with which we live alongside, Devan longed to understand more about the deep interconnectivity she felt within the world.


This led Devan Zimmerman on a journey of self-discovery. Having studied astrology for more than 15 years, Devan began further studying the occult. She was introduced to the art of tarot and has been using this tool as a source of inspiration for daily intention and creation. Not long after, Devan became an ordained minister and a certified life coach

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