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April Tarotscopes | Cancer

Hey, babes! Thank you for joining me here at The Witch's Quill. Today's post is for my Cancer sun, moon, and rising's. How are you feeling so far this month? What goals have you been working towards? I'd love to hear how things are going for you!

I hope you get what you need from this monthly card reading and have a prosperous April. Remember, nothing is set and stone and no one can make you do anything you don’t want. You always have a choice!

Much love,

Dev xo 💙✨

Card: 8 of Pentacles

Keyword: Perseverance

Home is where the heart is, Cancer, and you probably know that better than most. But, a well-kept home doesn’t happen on its own. It takes hard work and dedication to keep the wheel turning, and sometimes, a little elbow grease. You may be feeling like you’ve been giving it all you've got in order to make your house (relationship, job, etc.) run smoothly this month. You’re stronger than you think, babe. Your time and effort will get you exactly where you want to be. Keep going.

If you would like to watch a more in-depth reading for Cancer in April, you can do so here.


These messages are time-fluid and may not all resonate. Please take what makes sense and leave the rest. If you don't see your sign, please be patient, they are coming! Be sure to check out your sun, moon, and rising if you know all three. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a post.


All readings are conducted for entertainment purposes. The cards present suggestions or possibilities and are up for interpretation. The images or interpretations themselves may remind you of an experience you had as a child, a dream you had, what you’d like your life to look like, what you want to move away from...the list goes on. They could also not resonate at all. Think of these readings as chapters of a story that you may or may not be a character in. The path you walk along in life and the decisions made along the way belong only to you. You steer the ship.

Please seek a professional if you need advice for medical/legal/business matters. A tarot reading cannot replace medical/legal/business certified counsel, regardless of how accurate the reading may seem. Tarot is an interpretation and are never 100% accurate.

Readings on this site are not presented as force and does not attempt to take away free will of the viewer. By participating in this site, you accept that you are solely responsible for any decisions and actions made as a result of viewing this content. I will not be held responsible for same, nor can I assume any legal liability for damages or perceived damages, or other indirect occurrence based on actions and decisions made by the viewer.

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