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March Tarotscopes: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius


Welcome back for our final batch of March Tarotscopes! This week's post is for my Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius babes. How are you feeling this month? What goals have you been working towards? I'd love to hear from you in the comments!

These messages are time-fluid and may not all resonate. Please take what makes sense and leave the rest. If you don't see your sign, please look to the previous blog posts! Be sure to check out your sun, moon, and rising if you know all three. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a post.

Many blessings,

Dev xo


Card: Queen of Cups

Keyword: Compassion

You’re the type to go big or go home, Sagittarius. Carefree and always on the go, it can often seem like you’re elsewhere, even when your body isn’t moving. Keep that in mind this month, babe. The Queen of Cups can close herself off emotionally, so try to encompass her compassionate side. Seek to understand where your peers are coming from if you’ve been butting heads lately. We all have something going on behind the scenes that the world isn’t always privy to. Open up and let others in, and they will be more inclined to do the same.


Card: 4 of Pentacles (R)

Keyword: Greed

It’s one thing to stock up for security purposes, Capricorn, and another to accrue out of greed. You’re proud and ambitious, and wanting to stack bread and put it away for a rainy day is all well and good. Yet, when you become set on increasing your wealth to satiate your ego, where does that take you? You start climbing on the backs of others to move up the ladder, pushing them off on your way up. Just remember, babe, what goes up must come down, and all those people will be there waiting when you fall. Proceed accordingly.


Card: 8 of Pentacles

Keyword: Education

You’re a naturally curious being, Aquarius, so focusing on your education this month may come as second nature. If you strike out finding information on your own, don’t give up. None of us innately have all the answers - it’s okay to ask for help or guidance on something you don’t understand. Find a mentor or guide, someone as progressive as you, to help you find what you seek. Alternatively, someone may look to you for insight on a particular topic. Share what you know - it can be incredibly rewarding. Either way, enjoy this opportunity for growth, babe.

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