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The Beginners Guide To Crystals: 10 Rocks to Add to Your Stash

Crystals. It seems they’re everywhere these days. Faceted in jewelry, photographed on Instagram, and sold in a range of venues, all the way from craft stores to New Age shops. They exist on the very earth, found at beaches, in mountains, and in streams.

The healing properties of crystals are often associated with the New Age movement and modern-day witchcraft. In reality, crystal therapy has existed since B.C. times, with recorded usage in a variety of practices, from burial ceremonies to preventing inebriation.

Crystals have been around for as long as mankind has, and their uses and properties have varied from culture to culture, generation to generation. Overwhelmingly, though, the incorporation of crystals into the human lifestyle has been largely in part to the desire to assist in some fashion. Whether it be as an alternative to modern medicine, an aide in meditation and mindfulness, or to attract a lover, some humans really love their crystals (myself included). Wear them as jewelry, carry them in your pocket, set them on your work desk, and even place them under your pillow to utilize their properties.

This guide is an attempt to weave together what different crystals represent and how each can be incorporated for various purposes. Now, without further ado, let’s dig in.

10 Crystals for Beginners and Their Meanings

1. Rose Quartz

Who doesn’t love, love? Ancient Greeks used rose quartz stone to signify ownership. In today’s age, it represents unconditional love. This is the stone you want to use if you wish to attract more love into your life, whether it be self-, platonic, or romantic. Often referred to as the Heart Stone, it is typically referenced in correspondence with the fourth chakra. It also represents peace and happiness and can aid in stimulating imagination, specifically for the written word, music, and art.

2. Amethyst

At one point in time, amethyst was as precious as a diamond is today. Its powers were legendary in both soothing and stimulating the mind and emotions. Ancients even wore it as a preventative measure from becoming intoxicated, derived from a legend of Bacchus, the Greek God. Today, the stone is still linked to stimulation of the mind and is often associated with the third eye and crown chakras. It can be used to assist in enhancing dreams and psychic abilities. Its capability to expand the mind lends its usage for enhancing creative passions, initiating intuition and wisdom, and putting thought into action.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli was used in ancient Egyptian burial ceremonies, in which a scarab of the stone was placed with the deceased to protect them in the afterlife. A representation of royalty, honor, and power, it is a symbol of truth and wisdom. It has a great benefit for any sort of communication, as it aids in intellectual analysis and activates the higher mind. In the workplace, it can be used to attract recognition, success, and promotions.

4. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline, formerly referred to as Schrol, is a powerful grounding stone that was once relied upon by ancient magicians to protect them during spell work. It is still widely utilized for its protective qualities and its ability to deflect negative energies, forces, and entities. Not only does black tourmaline connect the earth to the human spirit, but it also instills self-confidence and empowerment. Use this stone to ground yourself during healing and meditation. Keep it in your pocket or on your work desk to deflect negative attitudes and emotional vampires.

5. Tiger’s Eye

In ancient Egypt, tiger’s eye stones were used for the eyes of deity statues, as it was believed to be an all-seeing, all-knowing divine crystal, bringing the protection of both the earth and the sun. In addition to divine vision, the stone has been used throughout history to promote courage, prosperity, and good luck. Tiger’s eye can be used to help one step outside their comfort zone and increase perception in unfamiliar territory. Incorporate this into chakra alignment to stimulate the first through the third chakras.

6. Citrine

Worn by Greeks as far back as 300 B.C. because of its color, citrine is sunshine in a stone. Not only does it protect the wearer by redistributing negative energy, but it also promotes creativity and assists in transforming dreams into reality. A crystal of immense success and abundance, this is the stone to have if you want to attract - and keep - wealth and prosperity. Citrine also encourages happiness, generosity, and the spread of good fortune.

7. Carnelian

Promoting confidence and bold, elegant speech, carnelian is the stone for leaders and communicators. Known for its endurance and motivational properties, carnelian was used by ancient warriors to instill physical power and courage to overcome enemies. Thanks to its vibrant red-orange coloring, it is also associated with female energies (receptive and passive) and menstrual blood. It is often used to attract passion and desire, as well as provide strength to overcome difficulties.

8. Selenite

Selenite is the stone you want to incorporate for tapping into your higher self and accessing your spirit guides. Closely associated with the moon, Selenite is most often used as an energy grid, thanks to its ability to both amplify and blend the power of other crystals. This stone promotes harmony and radiance, supporting wearers in all cycles of life. Use this crystal to clear energy and promote love and light.

9. Sunstone

Like citrine, sunstone is believed to hold the power of the sun. A stone of protection, it encourages good health and provides an energy boost to the wearer. It helps restore one's sense of abundance, good nature, and overall love of life. Sunstone increases energy and is excellent to use when starting a new workout routine. Keep it on your desk at work to increase leadership opportunities and promotions.

10. Emerald

While rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, emerald is the stone of successful love. It can be used to revive passions, whether that be in love, career, or interest. Favored by Queen Cleopatra in ancient Egypt, emerald was a symbol of wisdom and eternal life. Not only does the stone attract love, but it attracts money and promotes self-esteem. It can strengthen memory and mental acuity, activate artistic creativity and bring focus to one’s work.



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